Eternal Return is a self-generating data painting quantifying the art market. Working with eBay in a performative way, Eternal Return emphasizes how the art market itself is a force that can regenerate. By tracking the demand for a unique artwork on eBay, data is collected through the bidding process and used to create new artwork.

As a new bid is received for the completed artwork on the current eBay auction, an additional paint brush is spawned on the next live painting (on an online canvas) (www.eternalreturn.art) to be auctioned. The more bids that come in, the more brushes are spawned, generating an abstract data painting that uses a visual language of colours, form, shapes, and lines. When the current eBay auction ends, the live painting (on the online canvas) will screenshot itself and post itself as the next completed artwork on eBay, ready for the next auction. The art markets bidding effectively creates the new painting to be auctioned.

Each auction lasts for seven days. When an auction ends, the painting is printed onto a premium stretched canvas as a unique piece and shipped to the winning bidder. These are unique artworks reflecting the demand of the art market that effectively produces, auctions, sells and commissions itself in perpetuity. Each piece is signed, dated and numbered by the artist.

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